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  • There are a couple of reasons. We have several steps in our process that require independent work from the candidate and the review of that work by our team. While this adds time to the process it helps to simulate elements of both the independent and collaborative work our team regularly performs. It is designed to ensure we get the right fit for the position and exposes the candidate to some elements of how we work. Regardless of the time it takes, our internal commitment is to respond as quickly as possible to each candidate that applies. 

I recently applied now the role is closed off already. What happened?

  • We have a rolling recruitment process, meaning that we keep assessing candidates until we’ve closed the role. This is different to the process some companies follow of shortlisting a set number of candidates per stage, before moving to the next stage. For this reason, it’s possible that someone may have applied shortly before we close off the role.

It’s been a while and I haven’t heard from you. Why not?

  • We respond to all candidates to let them know the outcome of their application at each stage in our process. Unfortunately, our emails can sometimes make their way to your Spam / Junk folder (this is especially true at the video stage). If you haven’t heard from us within the timeframe given in a previous email, or have never received an email confirming your application, please check your Spam / Junk folder.

What steps are involved in the recruitment process?


  • Employees and contractors are treated with the same internal autonomy. They are also eligible for all of our perks. The actual differences might vary depending on where a contractor is based but, in general, the most important differences tend to be taxes, pension/retirement, and healthcare. The full burden of these items are the responsibility of the contractor.