Our Perks

Hotjar provides the following list of perks for all of our team members to enjoy. Team members can read more details about using them by clicking on each link below. Because they link to operational procedures they are not publically accessible.

Our perks are chosen with an aim to reflect our values and ideals, be it encouraging constant learning with our Personal Development Budget, a great work/life balance with the annual leave and Holiday Budget, or a happy, healthy team with our Wellbeing Budget.

What is it?

How much / how many?

Home Office Budget - Used to furnish your home office (desk, chair, air con, etc.) Basically whatever you need to work productively in “your office”. Laptops are not part of this budget and will be paid for by your department.

€2,500 to start and
topped up €500/year

Personal Development Budget - We encourage all team members to invest in their growth and development. You can use this budget for whatever you want to learn more about.


Working Space Budget - Ideal for recurring expenses (home internet, coworking space, etc.) or your favorite office snacks.


Wellbeing Budget - Used for maintaining and/or improving your physical, mental, and spiritual health. We realize that everyone has unique and ever-changing areas of focus for their health and wellbeing so we developed this budget in order to give everyone the maximum amount of freedom to put it towards what's important to them. Our team commonly uses this for gym memberships, meditation programs, fitness trackers, and more.


Holiday Budget - We don’t want you to have to ‘save-up’ for your next holiday. We provide team members with up to €2,000/year to take the vacation/holiday they want.


Working Together Budget - Sometimes you work better when you can see each other, and other times remote work can feel isolating. We provide this budget so that team members can travel to one another to mix things up and see how/where their co-workers actually get their work done.


Paid Holiday Leave - Because of the diversity of our team, we’re spread across a few dozen countries, it's impossible for us to officially recognize holidays without being exclusionary. To counter this we decided not to officially recognize any specific holiday and instead provide everyone with a healthy balance of 40 days/year to be used for the holiday or vacation days of their choosing.

40 days/year

Paid Sick Leave - We understand, sick happens. We provide up to 10 days/year for paid time off due to illness, for physical or mental health.

10 days/year

Paid Parental Leave - At Hotjar we believe that becoming a parent is the hardest job out there. We are, therefore, prepared to support team members who are welcoming a new family member into their lives. Hotjar provides all team members with the option to take up to 16 weeks (80 workdays) of paid parental leave to celebrate the addition of a new member to the family by birth, adoption, or foster care placement.

16 weeks

Company Retreats - Working remotely is great but occasionally you need to see each other in 3D. At our retreats (always hosted someplace different/unique) you’ll have the opportunity to do just that.


Employee & Phantom Stock Options - We provide ownership options directly through Stock Options and Phantom Options to all roles.

Varies by role


A few points in closing…

  • We’re constantly evaluating our perks to enhance them for our team and we tend to provide some extras that are not listed here.

  • Many of the perks listed above have some practical limitations listed in greater detail internally for our team (e.g. you can’t use your working space budget to pay the rent on your flat, etc.) but we feel the above sums them up well.

  • Our calendar year runs from January to December. If you join us part way through the year many of the perks above will be prorated until the next January.

  • Note that some of the perks listed above will be considered as taxable income depending on how you use them and the tax laws aligned with where you reside.


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