Tips for Remote Working

Working remotely is not always easy; nor is it for everyone. We all get tired, we all get distracted. Balancing our working and personal lives may feel hard or even impossible at times. Here you will find a few suggestions team members have shared from their personal experience. Keep in mind that what works for one person does not necessarily work for all of us, and this goes for remote working itself.

Take the following suggestions and make them your own! You are also welcome to add your suggestions to the following list. Kindly email any suggestions you’d like to share to Operations.

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  • Force yourself to take scheduled breaks (e.g.

  • Don’t have a break on your computer: get up, exercise, go out for a walk, do something else.

  • Disconnect a few hours a day.

  • Schedule your day. You can add tasks to your calendar. This helps you focus and time-box properly.  It can still be flexible.

  • Use the calendar to block/assign time to friends and family (You could block time to meet a friend or have lunch with your family).

  • Enjoy small rewards for accomplished tasks.

  • If you cannot focus: stop working, go out to clear your mind. Solutions will come to you when you’re not in front of a desk.

  • Use time management apps to review your productivity and pinpoint activities that are distracting you.

  • Test out which type of location works best for you, be it your home, a coffee shop, or a co-working space. Perhaps a combination of these throughout the week is what helps you maintain focus.