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  • It’s important to note that working remotely is not for everyone. If you need the formal structure of an office and being physically surrounded by people then working with Hotjar is probably not a good fit. That said we tend to work in ways that help to foster many of these elements (but in a virtual space). We use a number of online tools and services to foster collaboration, conduct meetings, share information, and work on projects. Working remotely is not new to us, we've been doing it since 2014. We also don’t care where you work as long as it has a strong consistent internet connection and is within the time zones associated with your work. To increase collaboration we require all team members to be online Monday-Friday between 2-5 PM Central European Time (UTC +1/GMT +2).

If I’m offered a role, will you contact my references?

  • While we would like to speak with somebody you’ve worked with / knows you well, our aim for these calls is not to make a yes / no decision on whether or not we’d like you on our team. Our decision on that will come through your recruitment process, and we would only request to speak to any ‘references’ after an offer has been made. At the point of any verbal offer having been accepted, we will ask you to provide us with contact details for somebody you’ve worked with, and somebody who knows you well. The purpose of us speaking to them is for us to learn about how we can best support you in your work; which areas you excel in; and where we should pay more attention to helping you, etc. The aim is not to look for 'red flags'.