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  • We're always looking to improve our recruitment process so the steps can vary as we try new workflows. To ensure uniformity, all candidates that apply for the same role have the exact same steps in our recruitment process. However, if a candidate applies for two different roles the steps they are involved in might differ a bit as we try new things. We’ve summarized the five most common steps in our process in the graphic below (just keep in mind the position you're considering/applied for might differ). At each stage, we review the candidate's submissions and interactions to determine if it makes sense to invite the candidate to move to the next stage in our process.

  • After completing the task (depicted in step 4), candidates present their findings via a video call with our team. For certain tasks, we may ask the candidate to tweak something if there are any questions surrounding the finished work. Prior to the offer stage, a short call with someone from our Sr. Executive team is held.

For our Software Engineer, Frontend and Software Engineer, Backend roles, of any levels, the process is:


Why do you ask candidates to record a video?