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At Hotjar we're inspired by communicating with our users and within our team. We hate bureaucracy and slow-moving organizations – but we're suckers for well-defined processes. We love lean, iterative improvements and our success is measured by the value we create for our users. Here are the core values we live by:

1. Obsess over our users

  • We work vigorously to earn and keep our users' loyalty.

  • We prioritize and make decisions based on what is valuable for our customers. 

  • We aim to deliver a WOW experience. 

2. Be bold and move fast

  • We deliver on commitments by focusing on speed and ruthless prioritization without compromising on quality.

  • We are not afraid of making mistakes and view decisions as reversible.

  • We care about the company's reputation and results which drives us to act with a sense of urgency.

3. Work with respect

  • We are honest, tolerant and inclusive.

  • We work together absent of egos and political agendas.

  • We respect ourselves by balancing work with a healthy lifestyle.

4. Build trust with transparency

  • We communicate with our team and users in a clear and open way.

  • We give each other radically candid feedback and never wait to do so.

  • We have the courage to speak up, ask for help, and connect with others in a genuine way.

5. Learn by doing

  • We are curious about new possibilities and take action to explore them.

  • We challenge ourselves to do things differently and measure the impact of change.

  • We quickly deliver the smallest unit of quality work, examine the results, and continuously improve.